The Gums

The above image is about 100 metres from my back door and is one of my favourite parts of the property. I have a “house” yard that is sort of neat and tidy with exotics and native trees and then, through the gate into native habitat space. The property was once horse grazing and training arenas, but suburbia caught up and once the horses parted we decided to give it all back to lots of other smaller critters.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome.

Technical Details

ISO 1250 24-70@70mm Hand Held f/4 1/160s

All processing was done in ACR, including B&W conversion. The B&W conversion was done by way of pushing Temperature and Tint all the way right and then increasing Saturation of Reds and Oranges in the HSL Panel. And then convert to B&W. There were so many different effects.

WOW! Those trees are wonderful, and they got the treatment they deserve! Such a lovely arrangement of the different-sized trunks. And the log is wonderful – I hope somebody is living in it. From this and all your posts I’ve seen here and elsewhere, you live in paradise! I think you should post a shot a day of everything you’ve ever shot on your property!

I really like the two large trees that are leaning to the left and the two pine trees just between them. I also like the dark tree trunk bottoms on most of the trees. I think that old hollowed out log is placed nicely in the scene. I also like the way you’ve processed this in an almost high key kind of way. The blown out highlights don’t really bother me either. Like @Diane_Miller , I’d love to see everything you’ve shot on your property someday or even better, an aerial view of the landscape. Looks like a beautiful place to live.