The Harbor Master

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


The harbor master on his rocky perch, looking out over the water with an air of quiet authority. His eye, as round and clear as a drop of morning dew, doesn’t miss a thing. With his feathers a bit tousled, he seems like an old sea captain, weathered and wise, taking a break from his duties to enjoy the simple pleasure of a day by the sea.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome

Technical Details

71 mm at ISO 100 and 1⁄320sec at ƒ/8


Totally cool. Very dramatic with the waves coming in, the rock, and the authoritarian pose. Black and white looks great here.

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Hi Don, I like this composition with the rugged rocky perch, sea moving in the BG, a few clouds, and of course the bird looking over his domain. I think the centered composition works well here given the pose and other elements. Techs look good with fine exposure in various degrees of black and white. Well done.

Awesome image, Don. A great composition and perfect for impactful B&W. I like your description too. Well done.

All said above – a very pleasing image that brings a nature image into the realm of art.

Thanks Allen! :pray:

Thanks Allen, appreciate your feedback! :pray:

Thanks David! :pray:

Thanks Diane, its one bird that wears BW well. :+1:

Terrific conversion to B&W and a great story to go with the image. I love the head turn and the longing look, the curve in the neck and that black eye. The feathers look great all ruffled like they are and the background is interesting. Very creative.

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Excellent image, Saundie. I like the b&w treatment and the pose is great.

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Thanks David! :pray:

Thanks Dennis glad you like it! :+1:

Wonderful. That’s all.

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Thanks Hans! :pray:

I really like the lighting, texture and processing. Well done!

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Yes !!! Beautiful Shot !!! Simple and right to the heart of the image. Don’t change a thing Very sharp and great tone and texture. !!!

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Thanks Judi! :pray:

Thanks Gill! :pray: