The Vulture and the Crow & some other photos for those who want the real story…

I like to imagine in this photo that these birds are friends hanging out and flying the skies together. But actually the crow was trying to chase the vulture away.
Okay, for @Jim_Gavin here’s the real story….

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m not going for a bird book ID look, just artistic. Any other comments, critiques welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 400
Cropped to 5x4 and converted to black and white.


Hi Vanessa, I like the juxtaposition of the two birds telling a story of their interaction. The overall composition is nice with space for the birds to fly into. I think the starkness of the bird silhouettes works well for this image.

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Thanks @Allen_Sparks! Thanks for your feedback on the composition and B&W. Glad it works! I liked the way it looked better in black and white, as there wasn’t a lot of color anyway in the original image!

Hi Vanessa
I like the framing and agree this photo should be in B&W. I have seldom made a good looking color photograph out of a high contracts shot like this.

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Thanks @peter for your insight and feedback! I appreciate it very much!

I really like the high contrast and just the right amount of sharpness to the birds. Now, if the crow had the same wing position as the vulture or the crow as presented were diving at the vulture??

Thanks @Jim_Gavin glad you like the black and white, I was going for a story with friends hanging out together but here’s a few other shots from the many I took in the few minutes it happened that you might like! :slight_smile:

I do. Having, on many occasions, seen smaller birds attacking larger ones, usually in protection of their young or territories, I had a bit of trouble accepting these two as getting along wonderfully well. With that said, your photo does convey that they are getting along just fine. It’s just that my own experiences get in the way.

Yeah, @Jim_Gavin it’s just in my imaginary world that I want them to get along. I know it’s not real. Obviously, from the other shots! :slight_smile: