The Zone Scale

I’d posted this closeup of a Western Sycamore in the past but had forgotten how radical the overall pattern really was. Especially with respect to a possible puzzle. I’m not sure how in the world the items embedded in the skin of the tree got there or how they became basically embedded either. I saw an acorn and a couple leaves, there maybe other items too.
I won’t go into the long story about the skunk encounter during this photo outing, but it is a story for me to be never forgotten. And, the gatecrashing husband and wife team will not forget either. I’m sure of that fact…:clown_face:

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 140mm - Hoya CP - Velvia 50


I think I remember this one. With the diversity of shapes, colors and hidden gems, this makes for a great jigsaw puzzle candidate. And as far as puzzles go, I actually think this one would actually be fun to sit down and put pieces together - as opposed to a hair pulling exercise in futility… A terrific entry.


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Lon, thank you for the review and comment. This to me will always be a fun photo as a result of the encounter and story about the skunk. It brings a smile to my face as I can still see the skunk walking along the path almost grinning and checking things out as he leisurely walked along the path. Thankfully he did not tag me, but he sure nailed the gatecrashers good as they left the area immediately…:smiley:

Yes, Paul, this would make a terrific puzzle. I’m loving the swirling effect and the fact that all of the bark bits already look like puzzle pieces. Skunks are cool, I had one mozey up the short drive and under the picnic table that I was sitting on top of (VERRY QUIETLY) at a Canadian camp ground. Luckily my wife and daughter were out exploring.

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Paul: I really don’t see the difficulty in putting this puzzle together - if it was about four pieces :wink:. I love discovering stuff like this and this is indeed a terrific capture. Many kudos! >=))>

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Great colors and patterns, and it would make a heck of a good puzzle. A fine abstract.

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