Theatre of light

Reading the Weekly Challenge reminded me of this winter image of mine. Even though many parts of the world are in the middle of spring or almost summer, I still decided to post this :slight_smile: . I reached this beach from above and noticed a tiny creek and decided to check it out from closer by. I found this icy arch that I decided to use as foreground, pointing to the soft sunlight while it was just emerging from behind the peak. Snow showers were entering and leavind the whole time and it was a beautiful dramatic afternoon. I placed my wide angle directly above the ice and was lying flat behind it, focus stacking and bracketing away.


Beautiful, Ron. Great mood and the sun barely peeking out from the mountain adds a very uplifting feel to the scene. Quite nice.

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Ron, the semi-circle of ice creates a fine sweeping view and leads well to the sun peeking out. The details in the creek and sand flat look great. Well done.

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Impressive landscape and the point of ice leads me into the dramatic area of the image. While the waterline’s level and the image level, the dark band just above the point is at an angle and it has an optical illusion effect of the image being rotated.

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In my opinion, this is perfect in just about every way. Color balance, light control, contrast, mood, composition. All A+!

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Thank you! I loved the touch of sunlight below the heavy clouds! :slight_smile:

Thank you Mark! That ice caught my eye at first, I’m glad it was usable as foreground.

Thanks! I think I see what you mean, it never occurred to me as an optical illusion.

Thanks Sean! One of those moments when everything cooperates :slight_smile:

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Ron: Jaw dr :scream:pping beautiful. A marvelous scene and a superbly crafted image. Many :+1::+1::+1::+1:>=))>

Such a gorgeous shot Ron. That foreground is super.

Wow! This is fantastic! Amazing work Ron.

@Bill_Fach @Greg_Stokesbury @Nick_Bristol Thanks guys, I appreciate your kind words!