There goes the neighborhood or you can never get a good parking space

These photographs were taken on Assateague Island in the early morning on Sept. 13, 2022.
I have been away from NPN, because of family health problems and I am not sure when I will be back out photographing birds, so for the next posting I will be going back to some of my older photos that have not been posted.

Type of Critique Requested


Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

I like the set up with the gulls and the egret on the same deck. The biggest problem will the first shot, was the shadow on the Great Egret.

Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon 100-500mm & 1.4Ext, 700mm, f10, -.7EV, ISO 400. cropped around 20%. I adjusted exposure and shadows in DXO Photo Lab 6.

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Sorry to hear you’re loved ones are not at their best. I hope recovery is swift and total.

This gave me a little chuckle because the behavior seems so human. You park kinda far from a building to make sure your car doesn’t get dinged and some jerk just has to park right next to you. Then three more. Ah the joy of jerks. Seems like the egret has the same problem. Nicely told.

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These are fun photos…I particularly like the first one because the egret is staring right at the gull. I also love the soft colour story. That blue background is lovely. (I don’t mind the shadow at all.)

Sorry to hear about family health problems. Hope you find some comfort in your past photos!

Sorry to hear about the family health problems, Peter. The 2 photos are a great story of frustration that the egret is feeling.

Hi Kristen, Robena & Dean.
Thank you for your kind comments, Pat was first treaded for Bile Duct Cancer in Feb. 2022 and after 6 rounds of Chemotherapy, she was ready for surgery, but Pat cancer surgery was a failure. The cancer had spread, so they buttoned her up and move on to plan B, radiation therapy to shrink the stage 3 cholangiocarcinoma. After 6 weeks of healing and cleaning up infections, Pat had a MRI so the doctors could map were to place the radiation. O-well how about plan C. the MRI “impression: was a Infiltrative cholangiocarcinoma near the biliary confluence with findings concerning for progressive intrahepatic extension throughout the left lobe as well as new satellite metastasis on the right.” NO radiation therapy. Jan. 2 Pat started Targeted Immunotherapy for the Bile Duct cancer. In three months they will take new scans and see were we go from there.
She is starting to have some good days and becoming more capable of getting around and caring for her self, so we take the wins when we can.

Sorry to hear about Pat, Peter. I like the images and the story they tell. Very effective and you titles say it all.

Thank you Dennis.

I’m so sorry Peter. Cancer is the worst. My brother is having his own struggle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I wish you and Pat all the best in the treatment.

Thank you for think of us.

I like the look the egret is giving the gulls. Very sorry to hear about your wife. Remember to take care of yourself during these tough times; it’s too easy for the caregiver of a loved one to forget to take care of themselves. I wish you all well.

HI Allen
Thank you for the kind thoughts.

Peter, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s cancer. I’m glad she is having some better days. As Allen said, take care of yourself too, so you can be your best for her. I’m glad you could go through some old images and edit them. I like the second one best. I like the the idea of each species standing in the same place yet looking in different directions. Best wishes.

Hi Mark
Thank you for your kind words.