Through Thin Ice #10

This view through the ice on the surface of my pond was taken January, as always, the colors and shapes are from the hardy lily leaves in the water below the surface mixed with reflections from the surrounding plants. A 9 shot stack for dof. (7D2, 100-400 @ 349, 1/10 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod)


Another cool ice abstract. I love the air bubbles scattered throughout.

Wonderful abstract, Mark. The soft pastel colors and crisp diagonal lines created by the ice make for a stunning image.

This has to be the most colorful ice texture shot I’ve ever seen – love it!!!

This is a really beautiful abstract, Mark! I love the colors and the swirling lines!

A truly wonderful backyard find here, Mark. The various colors really make the difference on this one. Kind of reminds me of under the ice scenes from the series Ice Road Truckers… :cowboy_hat_face:
The stacking brought out some fine depth to the image even with the distorted view thru the ice… :+1:

Really cool abstract, Mark. Great colors, lines, textures and shapes, Really like this one.

The different colors and textures you captured are amazing. It looks like it could have been a close up of an ice sculpture lit up with colored lights on first night!