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So big, yet so vulnerable…
Mountain gorilla, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

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Great close up and beautiful expressions !
I may de-saturate the green a touch.

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This is a great photo. I’m not a wildlife photographer, so I don’t have an eye for it, but this photo just grabbed me. There is something about the out of focus leaves that just take this image to a much higher impact value with the ape in sharp focus looking back at you. It’s moving!

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That’s a fascinating portrait. Love the idea of using the out-of-focus foliage to accentuate the impact of this image. Well done!!!

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Ingrid: this is a beautiful image. The out of focus greenery gives a sense of habitat, is a frame for the gorilla and serves to accentuate the sharpness of the animal.

Thanks Jagdeep. The sun was shining on the green leaves, which makes them so bright. I personally like it, but that’s maybe just me. Green also happens to be my favourite colour, so that doesn’t help :wink:

Thank you Youssef, nice to hear that this photo hit a soft spot with you. :gift_heart:

Thanks also Sandipan and Richard!