Tiny and deadly

Victim number 2

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It’s that time of year again! Yesterday was in the 60s and sunny so I put a couple chairs on the deck and just enjoyed the company. Not sure that anything else did with this ravenous Hentzia miitrata jumping spider around. At least anything smaller than it. Over the course of a couple hours I saw it with two prey items, first what might be a sawfly and second, another spider, unfortunately. Sad for me, but protein is protein for these tiny predators (less than 1cm long).

I even have video of it making its leaps toward the first victim. My first of that kind ever. I’ll stitch it together shortly.

Specific Feedback

Anyway…yeah it was bright sun and I did my best to smooth out the tonalities while preserving detail. I chose what I think are the best two photos with each victim, showing the spider and the meal. Some poses were just downright awkward. Do they look ok? Do they tell a story to you?

Technical Details

Handheld, but usually with my hand and/or the camera braced on the deck railing.

1st -

2nd -

Lightroom for cropping and work with different tools to manage luminosity, color, texture & sharpness.

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  • Lighting:
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I think you did a good job under the conditions, Kris. Yes, they tell a story, though it’s a bit difficult in the second to tell that it has prey. The second image also looks a little too bright on the wood and in the brighter hairs of the spider-might just be able to pull down the highlights a bit. Your focus on the spider is superb in both images.

Oh Kris, you were entertained my one of my favorite subjects. I guess the prey didn’t feel so entertained. Hard to watch things like it, but it is nature. I think you managed the harsh light very well. Nice details in the spider. I haven’t had a chance to get my macro gear out and even look for one this year. Hopefully soon.

Great look and focus on the eyes of this little beast Kris. The title really fits. I like the second best here. It is surprising that the jumper would attack and take down the other spider. Cool work.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank, @Shirley_Freeman & @Ed_Williams - yeah, the light wasn’t doing me favors, but I did my best and like the changing conditions in a way - they’re at least challenging. Am still putting together a video of the spider pouncing. So fast! And yeah, they aren’t emotional about anything these little predators. Just want lunch.

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Kris: Cool shots both but the first is the winner for me. Really good work with such a small subject. Top notch effort. >=))>

Thanks @Bill_Fach - these little ones are all over the deck in season. In retrospect, I think I needed to take the camera cage off so that I could get that little bit lower. Maybe next time, I’m sure I’ll get another go.

And thanks @Shirley_Freeman for the EP. I hope you are healing and finding some solace in photography and other things that bring you joy.

Thanks, Kris. I got out Saturday for a few hours at the Botanical Gardens (even joined in hopes that might get me to go more often). I didn’t get much shots wise. It is early in the season, and a cool morning that morning, so not many insects and no butterflies posing for me. A few flowers, but I didn’t even do well with them. It was breezy.

I prefer the 2nd shot, Kris, as it is more at spider eye-level with a clear BG. Maybe reduce highlights on the base (deck?); but they’re both very good looks at the spider.

Thanks @Mike_Friel - the deck railing is quite light in fact - nearly white, so it’s tough to deal with, but lots of critters like it so…

Here’s a video of her with the prey and wrestling it into submission -

Less than 3 minutes total. With spider pounce!!

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