Tiny Fish

Oriental Darter displaying tiny fish.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R 5; RF 600 mm; ISO 200; 1/2500 sec. at f 4.5



The details are exquisite and the open bill with impaled barb adds some additional interest to the comp. Fantastic, and I do not have any nits for you…Jim

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Awesome comp, and processing.

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Hi J Rajput
The light really bring out color range of this Darter’s feathers. The detail and eye contact and action is very nice. The photograph leaves with only one question, the Darter asking it self, now how do I get this tiny fish into my stomach?

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Very cool action image. Always amazing to see what happens in nature

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What a shot, Jagdeep! Amazing details in both subjects. I just bought the R5, so seeing the quality in this image is encouraging. Wonderful shot.

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Thanks friends !
@Shirley_Freeman not only R 5 but new RF 600 mm also gets the credit for this quality.
BTW now I’m using two R 5’s and I never had it so good :grinning:

Jagdeep, I don’t see be getting the RF 600 nor an extra R5 body anytime soon, but it sure sounds like you have the tools to capture some great images. I had planned on getting the R7 that I pre-ordered and got tired of waiting on. First time I have ever pre-ordered a camera. I like to see what others think first. Anyway, I’m hoping to get an opportunity sometime this fall to really use it when we go up to Virginia to visit family. I usually try to go to a NWR at least and take photos. I have to take my hubby along who is having some dementia, so if he is able for the trip, we will try to get out there and use the R5 with the Sigma 150-600mm C combo which seems to be working very well here in the yard through the window. That R5 is quite a nice camera it seems.

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