Topsy Turvy

Just contemplating our crazy world while standing at the edge of a small pond in Oregon.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome. Went back and forth on a crop and finally settled on ~1:1. More clouds/space didn’t seem to add much.

Technical Details

a7r3, 57mm, f/16, 1/50s, ISO 640, hand held.


Interesting crop. Can you talk about why you felt a centered composition wouldn’t work here? Great shapes and tonalities.

Thanks, @Kris_Smith. This felt sort of centered to me because of the space on either side of the rock+tree. It’s not be exactly centered, because when I did that it the balance didn’t feel right to me. Maybe it’s because of the way the grassy bank comes up on frame right, but goes down on frame left. When it comes to cropping, I just eyeball it until it feels right. Also, this is rather odd - maybe not so much an odd composition, as odd subject matter. I wanted it to feel a bit off kilter, so that’s another reason to forgo the perfectly centered crop.

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Defiinitely disconcerting and fascinating. I like the balance triple between the tree reflection, the rock and the grass clump on the right. Having the tree off center adds nicely to the unusual view. The arch of cloud reflection is good also.

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Disorienting surreal image. In a good way. It made me stop and take a look. At first, I thought I was looking up at the top of a hill… and then there’s that tree :slight_smile: The crop adds to the quirkiness.

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I certainly do feel this composition would not have been as successful as it is, had you centered either the rock or the tree. You struck a nice balance, just off-center, which works quite well with the square composition. Oftentimes too many individuals - myself included - center their subjects when photographing with a 1:1 aspect ratio, which works at times but when you have two primary subjects such as this (three, if including the clump of grass) it doesn’t tend to sit so well, visually.

Anyway, I praise you for your unique view on the world. We certainly need more photographs which make us stop, think, and contemplate what we are looking at, such as this one. Well done and keep it up Bonnie.

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Thanks, @Cody_Schultz.

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I see humor in this picture.

I did too, @Igor_Doncov.