Topsy Turvy

Reflection Lakes, Mount Rainier NP
Sony A77
Sony DT 16-50 f2.8 @ 40mm
ISO 100, .8 secs @ f11
"Don’t make folks stand on their heads" or "What’s up with the sky?"

I posted this in landscape earlier this year wondering what kind of clouds these were :wink:. I then posted the “correct” orientation. I have the correct version displayed in the waiting room of my office and it garners more comments than all the rest of the images I have up combined. All comments welcome. >=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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The correct version works quite nicely for me. The flipped is certainly a nice mind bender though.

Bill, those are very strange clouds over Mt. Ranier. Interestingly, I like both a lot, but have very different reactions. The upside down view makes me grin, while the right side up view feels quite chilly. That’s an amazingly perfect reflection.


Great entry and probably one of those where you’ll get perspectives from both sides…

My perspective, in this case, is “weight”. In the “real” version of the correct orientation, Rainier occupies nearly 1/2 of the space in the frame - And for an icon to be upside down, well, it’s not one that I would prefer to see hanging in an office. However, I have a photographer’s eye and I know what I’m looking at, so there’s a bias here.

The “flipped” version I think garners more question as to “what the heck is in the sky?” Mentally I don’t think the first impression is to think ice and an upside down image - I think it generates question, tension and mystery.

Of course they’re both wonderful and beautifully processed.


I like the flipped version quite a bit (and if I had one on my wall that would be the choice). I think the clarity of the reflection and the ice makes it works really well. The ice adds some very cool textures and patterns to the “sky.”