Tough Old Bird

Sony A700
Tokina ATX 80-200 f2.8 @ 80mm, CPM
ISO 200, 1/4 @ f18
Lost Maples State Park, Texas
One of my all time favorite fall shots. Lost Maples is a small preserve of maples and oaks in west Texas so named because there’s no other maple trees around for hundreds of miles. Please view large for full impact. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Beautiful old tree and great mix of intense and subdued color. I am very much enjoying this one, I can see why it is a favorite.

Excellent. I can see why you like it. If I had to be super nit picky, I would back off the cyan a little.


Wonderful shapes and lines as the tree weaves in and out of the foliage. It’s interesting how much that hole stands out, and that’s in a positive way.

My biggest suggestion is the greens in the lower left. I feel they don’t belong with the rest of the color palette. I would make them look like the greens on the right side of the tree (in color and tonality).

Bill, the mix of colors, both strong and subdued, are outstanding. I also like how you’ve got the trunk of that main tree pulling eyes to all parts of the frame. Easy to see why you go back to visit this “old friend” many times.

Bill, the strength of this image is composition and colors. I like the way the base of the tree leads the way to reddish foliage and the branches weaving in and out of the foliage. Very pleasing image of a great tree!

Love the color and all the detail in this “lost” maple.

Bill, I love the colors, shapes and lines in this old tree. I didn’t even realize that there were any maples in Texas. A great find, and I like the way you presented it.

Super late to this, Bill. But this is amazing and I think everything works out very well here. A very well deserved EP!

Even 2 days later than @Adhika_Lie :slight_smile: , but I love the image. Great shot. A tribute to autumn.

Beautiful image. I love color and composition