Old Sage

Sony A700
Minolta 24-85 @ 85mm
ISO 200, 1/50 @ f11
Potholes Area, GTNP
I’m loving this challenge since lone trees are one of my favorite subjects. There is a more famous tree in the Tetons called the Old Patriarch that I’ve shot also but this guy is much easier to find and get to and IMO just as interesting. Had to use a lot of Dehaze in Lightroom to bring out some of the details in the mountain and cropped away some of the featureless blue sky. All comments welcome.>=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Bill, I like the balance of the tree and the Teton, as well as the lighting. In the “regular version” there is considerable haloing around the tree’s branches. That goes away in the large version, illustrating the extra sharpening added by the software. The peaks look nicely sharp in spite of the haze. Your crop look good.

Bill, a very fine composition with the no mistaking and truly wonderful Teton Range in the background. Some fine processing work to bring out the best in this late afternoon image overall…:+1:

Oh wow. Something fresh from the Tetons. I really like this, Bill. Pretty much perfect for me although I have to add that I also notice the halo-ing in the “thumbnail” in the post.