Tree Amigos

I found this group of trees compelling and drawing my eye in. I personally like the twists, textures and spacing. I printed this one and it continues to grow on me.

What technical feedback would you like if any? All

What artistic feedback would you like if any?


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Olympus E-PL7 / M14-42 / 40mm / ISO 2500 / f5.5 / 1/80 sec / handheld

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@kenhebert5 @NaturePhotoNet

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At first read, title appeared to me as Three Amigos, referencing the film by that title with Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase. And I thought in specific you were referring to the three smaller trees in the middle, but then realized your title was Tree Amigos.:crazy_face: Crazy me and where my brain goes.

It is a photo that seems to grow on you as you look at it. I’m not sure but it seems a bit oversharpened to me. You did not mention any particular processing.

Great minds think alike Youssef! I had the exact same initial reaction. In fact, @KenHebert I was going to ask where you learned to count… cause I see more than “Three”, “Tres” trees… :roll_eyes::laughing: But all is good now that I paid more attention to your actual title…

Ken - I like this and the somewhat intimate view you’ve crafted. The subject is clearly the trunks and I think you’ve captured some great detail and managed it in all the trunks (could have been a good candidate for focus stacking - but your results looks pretty great.)

This works well as presented and I’m sure the print looks great. I have just a few minor suggestions. The first is the bottom of the frame. I like including the base of the trunks, but I’m wishing for a bit more and wishing there was a little less clutter (probably what it’s cropped/framed as it is because there’s probably more that we don’t see and you didn’t want to include. But it’s right on the border between just not having enough to ground the image OR cropping all the clutter completely; which I think would be cleaner. At minimum I would burn down the bottom edge to take a little of the attention away.

In a similar vane, I would consider cloning, CA-cloning the bright log between the first tree and left edge, as well as getting rid of the bright patch in the ULC. These are small changes, but I think would simplify and improve this one. And it’s certainly worth the extra little steps.