Triplet in Hometown Forest

Color and contrast

I know the scene is a little busy, but I am wondering if it works for you, compositionally.

For you dendrologists out there: What species of trees are these?

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor DX 16-85mm @ 38mm
F-16 @ 1/30, ISO 800 (high ISO to counteract the wind under very cloudy skies)
ACR, PSCC-2019, TK’s Luminosity and Saturation and Vibrance masks.

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :slight_smile:

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I certainly like the fall color, but I think you nailed it that it’s just too busy for the color to really stand out. Maybe an Orton effect or motion blur might be something to reduce the busyness and give more emphasis to the color.

It is busy but I like the natural look. I did a super quick and dirty crop and cloned out the white bits of the sky. It has a nice “in the forest” look to the image. I did not bother, but I would clean up the bright stuff on the LR edge and bottom.

I like the colors, Preston, and Harley’s crop…it takes the “busy” aspect out of the image for me.


Nice fall intimate. Busy, sure a little, but I like the structure of the dark trunks that pretty much hold this all together.

I like Harley’s crop and cloning as it does help simplify this. The misc grasses and barren bush in the LRC are mildly distracting, I think adding to being a bit busy. I think you did well to pull the nice autumn color and structure of the tree out of probably a much busier, broader scene.

Happy Thanksgiving!


A very pretty little scene, but I do believe Harley’s crop does “tame” it a little and help make it more pleasing and peaceful.

Preston, nice fall scene, and your color and saturation, look very natural. I agree that Harley’s suggested crop helps. The biggest issue that it addresses is eliminating the patches of white sky showing through the trees in the ULC. When shooting forest scenes like this I am always looking for this issue in the field and composing to avoid it. But it is so hard to do sometimes without forcing unwanted composition choices. luckily you composed this one wide enough to leave lots of room for dealing with this after the fact.