Trout Creek, YNP

This is a “spring” view of Trout Creek in the Hayden Valley just before it enters the Yellowstone River taken on May 5th. This area had between 1.5 and 2 times normal snowfall and a cool early spring, so there was lots of snow. I was struck by the limited tonality from the snow and the overcast. I can’t decide whether I prefer the color version (here) or the b&w version (posted next). There’s a starkness to the b&w version that I like, but the color version has a touch of chill that I also like…

The b&w version.

Both are nice Mark, but I slightly prefer the B&W version for the range of tones and the river loses that muddy look. Great sky BTW; lots of drama.

Mark, I’m in agreement with Ed here on the preference of the B&W look overall. With so much snow and the amount of white clouds it just seems to be more fitted to that look IMO…:sunglasses:
Obviously the composition is the same for both and not much to add for change there. I might try a bit of a crop on the left to where the creek bend jogs back toward the left in the FG here. The view seems just a little left side weighted, but it’s just an idea for another look see…:thinking:

I also like the black-and-white version here. Nice sublimity in the gray tones especially in the clouds. To me, the contrast between the snow and the clouds is what makes the image. Almost looks like Iceland in the mountain foothills.