Two from the Yellowstone

These two pictures capture what was left behind after the Yellowstone area flood in June. The first view looks across the Yellowstone in Paradise Valley showing a low lying (but not normal flood plain) area that is now piled high with large trees and other debris. This is private land, so getting close to show how depth of the debris pile is not possible. The second picture shows a bend in the Gardner River where the flood washed away massive amounts of the banks and left extensive areas of fresh rock on the other side of the river. The washout at bends in the river shown here illustrates the type of damage that destroyed numerous roads and bridges.

Across Paradise Valley

A bend in the Gardner River


Mark, this is a really graphic look at some of the aftermath that was televised on world news outlets for a couple weeks at the time of the flooding. Similar to DVNP is the undermining of the roadbeds and the horrendous costs associated with the repairs throughout.
Sadly, with the unknown but predicted climate changes we have only a glimpse so far as to what may be in store leading into the upcoming decades.

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