Uncle Fester A Portrait in Stone

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Look at this, it’s as if good ol’ Uncle Fester himself has left a cheeky little mark right here on the ground. The swirls in this rock, they’ve got a sort of quirky twist that brings a grin to your face, don’t they? It’s like Mother Nature herself decided to have a bit of a laugh, sketching out a spot-on homage to the man with the lightbulb grin, making sure he’s not just a flash in our memories.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome

Technical Details

18 mm at ISO 640 and 1⁄400sec at ƒ/10

Wow, very well done!

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Great find and image Saundie! The pareidolia effect is strong with this image. That eye is just draws you in. I’m sure you tried rotating and flipping the image around. My mind wants to flip this horizontally so the face is facing to the right. Looks good as is though.

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A wonderful find, Saundie. I tend to want to flip it as well, but as @Alfredo_Mora said, it works fine as-is.

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@HennyJA @Dennis_Plank @Alfredo_Mora

Thanks for the comments and feedback! I flipped it as suggested let me know if this works better for you, thanks. :pray:

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Wow, Don, very well done!

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Thanks Henny! :pray:

It took me a second to see the face, as I was pulled in by the amazing swirl, but when I saw it, it was one of those Ho-lee-COW moments! (Or, well, that’s cleaning up the language a bit…)

Well seen and presented!

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Do you have a signed waiver from Uncle Fester? :wink: :grin: Love it.

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Thanks Diane love the Ho-Lee-Cow! :rofl: :pray:

Thanks Jim! No :rofl: