Untitled (Tucquala Lake, Washington)

Specific Feedback Requested

Seeking feedback on my edit. Oversaturated? Colors off?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

This image conveys the quiet pleasure that you must have had to be at this spot at such a fine dawn. I had no idea such a place is available right along the USFS road. I see no problem with saturation or colors, except one: for me, the brightest portion of the sky would be more pleasing and less distracting from the rest of the scene if it were more yellow than white. In the attached, I painted that area with a soft brush in “Darker Color” mode with a color loaded from just outside the white area. I wanted to see a bit more of the detail in the forest and point in the dark right hand side, so I applied a History Brush in Screen mode to those, and a bit of detail appeared. Also applied PS Smart Sharpen as the details were a tad soft.

A gorgeous scene with surprising but believable colors. Its lovely that the clouds follow the edge of the mountain! I think @Dick_Knudson added a nice touch.

I like your composition here, with the way both the grasses and row of trees lead the viewer to the color in the sky. I really like how the light in the sky casts a glow on the grasses.

My first reaction was that the colors weren’t oversaturated, but rather they might be too warm. I don’t think that the grasses are too warm, rather it’s the warmth in the deeper shadow areas that bother me a little. In real life shadows are cooler, and that’s the way our eyes are used to seeing shadow. Here is a rework with the shadows cooled down slightly, but leaving the grasses alone.

I want to thank everybody for their feedback. I finally got a chance to take in the comments and apply them to a new edit. As recommended by Dick, I adjusted the whites in the sky and brought out details in the forest. I added a little sharpening. As recommended by Ed, I cooled down the shadows, hopefully enough. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you Dick. I made the recommended adjustments and included it in the post.

Thank you Ed. I made the recommended adjustments and included it in the post.

Thank you Diane. I made the recommended adjustments and included it in the post.