This image is the second i took of a broken and bend trunk that crossed my path while hiking.
The warped textures and bright likens and moss created a organic (no pun intented) flow that cloud fit on a 16:9 layout.
Sadly i didn’t focus stack so the sides of the image were out of focus and i ended up cropping it.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is the composition to tight on the right side? That was the side i cropped the most.
How are the colours and overall post processing to you?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Its a tripod shot at 1/4s f/11 ISO 50 and 100mm.

Processed with a selective vignette, some dodge and burn to enhance the local contrast and some spot removal.


Definitely interesting. Energetic and soothing at once. Moss and lichen are obsessions of mine, so I can totally relate to making the effort to photograph and share this. The lines are pleasing and you’ve got some good texture here…not easy to do with soft light like this. The shadows in some spots are a little deep, but the woods are like that so it’s not a major issue. The nearly equal balance of moss and knotty bark with lichen is nice. Good shot. If you have the room, I’d shift the image to the left - include more of the lichen and bark and eliminate the wedge of light brown in the ULC.

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Very nice, Joao. I am enjoying combination of colors and shapes, lines, and as @Kris_Smith said, the balance of moss and lichen. I think at least crop the brown bark off the left. Very nice.

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João, this looks very good. You’ve got a fine mix of eye movement coming in from the lower left leading to that big oval of great texture on the right. The bit of wood and the moss in the upper left add some good complexity to the scene.

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Thank you all so much for your kind words.

@Kris_Smith I don’t have much room on the right, it’s borderline where the focus starts to diminish. But i did cropped it as @Shirley_Freeman proposed, and i can see that without the distraction on the upper left corner, the eye wonders more on the details, but, a i do find that little distraction interesting and (as @Mark_Seaver) it add to the scene more then it subtracts.


I like the rework. To me it seems more now about the moss and lichens, as well as the textures and lines. Nice.

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I like the rework, but your vision takes precedent. Thanks for giving it a go. It’s a special slice of nature.

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