We didn’t have a lot of time for macro or detail work on the Badlands workshop, but we did go up a small canyon and I went to the end of it and found some lovely lichens on the wall. This little bit of it reminds me of a broken China plate. IRL it’s about 2 inches wide.

Specific Feedback Requested

Too weird? Too busy? Too unidentifiable?

Technical Details



Lightroom for the usual adjustments to curves, clarity, texture, sharpening & a touch of nr. I cropped and rotated slightly to include certain bits and exclude others that were distracting. I didn’t have to touch the HSL panel to bring up that blue.

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I like this a lot, Kris. Nice abstract. I could even see this image being used for a jigsaw puzzle! Lots of lines, texture and shapes in this, with just enough colors of the lichens to make this rock even more interesting. Glad you found it and had the time to capture it. My eyes just wonder all through the image, but even though the crack lines want to take me out, I think the image is interesting enough that it draws me back. Nice image.

Very nice Kristen. Love the patterns, textures, and colors. Great eye to notice this and capture it so well.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman & @Allen_Sparks - Glad it’s not too weird. I thought it was pretty cool, but I am partial to lichen. The cracks spread all through the image and you have to cut them off somewhere, right? :wink:

Right, Kris, on the cracks. That’s why I mentioned that it is such a neat image that even if the crack draws me for a second, I have to come right back to this really neat rock formation and lichen. Such a good shot.

What a nice little scene, like it a lot. The anwer to your questions is no. The colors , texture and patterns are just great and very interesting to explore. … and tehnically everything is perfect. Glad you got the time to take this one.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman & @Ola_Jovall - photos like this are so fun to make and it’s always surprising how people react to them. We are all so different in what we find beautiful or interesting.

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Kris: Really well seen and superbly composed and captured IMO. Marvelous color palette and textures. >=))>

Terrific abstract, Kris. The texture and colors are awesome.

Thanks @Bill_Fach & @David_Bostock - glad it’s not too weird and the lines and shapes work. I had a few other choices on the wall, but liked this area the best.