Water Dance



reflections of light through a glass ceiling on constantly moving bubbles in a fountain_ Longwood Gardens ,Kennet Square PA

Specific Feedback Requested:

any and all are appreciated

Pertinent technical details or techniques:


I love this shot, James. Water reflections make a wonderful subject. You captured nice texture, shapes and colors in this. This could make a great jigsaw puzzle! I can’t think of anything that might improve the shot.


Beautiful reflection, James! Love the movement you caught in the ripples and the colors are amazing.

James, This is a beautiful image. I keep coming back to look at the range of colors and detail. The green in the upper corners is a nice contrast and how did you get the fish in the middle in focus. Very Intriguing image.

This is a beauty, James. The golds and blues are spread well and have a fine variety of saturations. The bits of green at the top are a find “surprise”, adding extra interest.

Thanks for the comment! How about a 1000 piece puzzle? LOL

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Marlin and Mark ,interesting that you both noted the bit of green in the reflections since I wasn’t sure that it might be a distraction.


Thanks for the comment, nothing special about the capture ,hand held and a bit of LR to bring up the contrast and saturation.

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I have an friend who paints as his art form, that whenever I show him any of my photos, he is always commenting on the “surprises” in the photos. We have talked about that a lot, and I have become ok with leaving in these little imperfections as surprises and even looking for them to add a genuine feel and add interest. For me I love seeing it.

My wife would love. She’s our puzzle master!

Actually, I just showed her the image. “Oh, Holy Heck” was her comment.

can you have a puzzle created from a photo?

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I believe you ccan, but have never done it. Maybe someone in the chat area can help? Lots of places advertise online, but how to do it the way you want would take some research or advice for someone who has done it.

Wonderful patterns and contrast. I love the contrasting gold and blue with the accents of ebony. Very nicely done.