Water Flow

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Nikon D810
Nikon 16-35

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This is a beautiful image Joao. The lines in the foreground direct my eye into the photo and provide a sense of depth. The color and contrast look very nice as well. One very minor nit is that the darker area at the very top of the frame tends to pull my eye. I would consider burning this area to brighten it a little or cropping it out. But that is a very minor nit on an otherwise excellent image!

I like the idea behind this image. Most photographers like to show a design of white foam streaked across the sand. But here I think the point is to create an almost transparent veil through which the pebbles can be seen. It seems as though you should be able to do an intimate of just the streaks and pebbles. But that’s just part of this composition.

Maybe crop out that thin dark streak at the very top? Really doesn’t bother me. You might try to bring out some of the warm hues reflected off the surface. Actually I like the subdued colors.

Joao, I like this shot. I have looked at it 3 times before commenting because I see a great abstract by cropping out the pebbles/shells, opposite of Igors suggestion actually (which I also like) .The darker top I am good with. I was going to try this but cant get the download for some reason.

Geeat image @joaoquintela , I especially like the muted delicate color palette that you used here, the color of the water is beautiful. I lean more towards retaining the pebbles, and having a contrast between sharp and soft in the image. But I agree with @Igor_Doncov about cropping/cloning away the dark strip at the top, it just doesn’t quite fir with the lightness in the rest of the image. but that is a nitpick, overall this is a great image.

This is a artistic creation, like many of your images. It is deliberately lightly saturated, and the resulting mood for me is dreamy. My eye starts at the brightness of the ribbons running into the center beach line, and then sees that the pebbles are connected by the ribbons to the reflection of the sun. If my eye continues, it hits the strong left-right lines and is a bit taken away from the beautiful center that caught my attention initially. A variation I tried is to vignette two triangles from top left and top right, and to saturate the colors in the pebbles. While that emphasizes the conversation between the pebbles and the sun reflection, it loses some of the dreaminess of the original.