Water grass ICM with repost

After seeing some excellent ICM photos, I decided I needed to give it a try. These 3 images are my first attempt. Yesterday I took my grandson to Mt. Baker. These are from the grasses in Picture Lake. It was mid-day and I liked how the light brought out the different colors.

Revised image 3 for crop:

Original image 3:

Specific Feedback Requested

Since this is my first attempt, any feedback would be helpful.

Technical Details

D850, 1/6th sec, f22, ISO 64, 70-200 at 135mm


Hello Steve,
You got here a nice set of images.
I think you got the movement right (shutter speed and your rotation) so keep going.

2nd one is my favorite.

I really love these, Steve! They are very lively! I would never know you hadn’t done this before! I could see all three images as a grouping on a gallery wall. Very well done!

Steve, these are kicking. Well done. The first and second are my favorites. More please!

Nice job! First attempt huh? The first image is my favorite. I like the definition of lines in all of them and the variety of colors. Keep them coming!


First attempt? Wow, outstanding first crack at it! No doubt though, you had at least 97 frames to choose from right? :rofl: (speaking from experience…)

One of the great advantages/features of ICM - time of day is less relevant - all you need to make sure is that you can have your combo of settings (aperture, SS, ISO, filters) such that you can get the right SS to allow for motion blur.

LOVE the colors and the flow of the lines is wonderful too. Love the first with the colors, lines and flow. Beautiful. Second one seems cramped (only for ranking purposes…) and the last one. My impression? Two words: The Palouse. That’s what this last image reminds me of - or at least is what came to my mind. And I’ve never been, but certainly seen lots of images!

Well done Steve! Welcome aboard!


Hi Steve. Those are really great! I love the colors. They also have a very nice composition leading your eye across the images. In the last one there is a curled section of grass at the bottom that breaks up the flow of the rest of the shot, but it’s minor.

Terrific first attempt. As @Lon_Overacker mentioned, I bet you came home with 97 frames. Heck, when I did this a couple weeks ago I came home with over 2000. :slight_smile: Shutter speed and panning speed are spot on. You nailed it. The colors are radiant, inviting, and nicely apposing with the blues and the yellows. There’s nothing distracting in the first two but on the last one there is that brownish swirl in the BRC, however if you crop off about the bottom fifth, that last image becomes my favorite of the three. I agree with Lon about this looking like the Palouse. I bet your grandson was wondering what the heck you were doing with the camera. LOL

Great tones, colours and lines Steve. Congrats on having a great first ICM run. The first one is my favourite.

Steve, these are fantastic! Excellent first attempt at ICM. The linear motion looks great in all 3 images. I love the patterns too. Your settings mirror what I typically start with.

You mentioned how the mid day light brought out the colors. That is one of the big benefits of ICM. It tends to elevate and to unify color in my experience. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @joaoquintela, @Vanessa_Hill, @David_Bostock, @Lon_Overacker, @Cameron_Wilcox, @David_Haynes, @AndreDonawa and @Alfredo_Mora for your very kind comments! Lon and David Haynes, I hadn’t thought of it before you mentioned it but now I definitely see the Palouse in these images. And my grandson is only 3 and was very preoccupied with rocks and sticks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I posted a revised image 3 with the crop several of you suggested.

I will definitely be trying this again.

The revised image for crop three really works well, Steve.


Nice work here, Steve. You’ll find ICM opens doors in what are otherwise rather meh shooting conditions or locations. I really like the first one. I like the fine lines and the lack of dramatic variation in the striations. The third crop is cool too, with that swath of green blue in the middle. It offers a nice change from the others.

I’m not sure exactly why, but the colors are very reminiscent of the Palouse area of Eastern Washington. In fact, I thought it was going to be a Palouse ICM. This is another thing I love about ICM: the ability to create a body of work based on palette despite markedly different locations and real subjects.

Looking forward to seeing more of these if you catch the bug.