Watercolor Window Reflection

I posted this one at the old NPN, but it fits the challenge.

It is a reflection in a window at Bodie. The window sure does look like a watercolor painting. This one was done in 2011 and with a 4x5 and Velvia 50 film. The good old days… :grinning:


Harley, the old V-50 along with the 4x5 really brings the detail out in this one. It truly has some of the V-50 traits I enjoy to this day… :sunglasses::+1:t2:
Bodie is a place that was an annual visit for most of us old 395 photog travelers. But it seems very remote these days. More so from our world changes then just old age setting in… :nauseated_face:

Harley: This has such a wonderful painterly feel to it. I never shot 4x5 but I certainly loved Velvia. Marvelous scene superbly captured and rendered. >=))>

I remember this one, Mr. H. Great detail and textures. I am seeing some magenta in the reflection, but it’s no big deal. The wood looks great. I also like that neither the camera nor you are visible in the reflection.

Nice image, sir!

Wonderful watercolor look! And great memories of Velvia. I used to love the magenta, but today I would tweak it a bit. Great to be able to use the tilt to keep you from photobombing your own image. Maybe the oldsters here should arrange a field trip back here – I haven’t been in several years.

Wonderful surreal photo Harley. The reflection in the window is truly amazing. Nicely seen and captured.

Harley, the distortion in the reflection makes this an amazing view. The surrounding wood shows so much texture that it feels like brush strokes. It’s fun seeing some of the interior items ghosting through the window.

No critique from me except that I LOVE the painterly feel of the reflection! Well done and thank you for reposting so us “newbies” can se it.

Congrats on the EP here, Harley… :+1:t2:
Some of my own favs in showcasing the “Hand of Man” so to speak are from Bodie too. It was always a treat to roam around the place just for fun… :cowboy_hat_face: