We thought it was a rainbow

While waiting for the sunset at Little Corona, in Corona Del Mar, CA, there were only a few clouds in the sky, with no visible rain evidence. This cloud had the color at the left side visible in the image. We thought it was a rainbow, but when I got it on my monitor, it was clear it was not. I increased the clarity, vibrance, and slight de-haze and saturated the yellow and orange. The black slider in Lightroom took the light blue sky to this blue/black color. Please share your specific feedback. I am anxious to learn from you and others. Many thanks for viewing this image.

Nikon D850 Nikon 70-200 f/4.0 185mm 1/500. f/11 ISO100 white balance auto aperture priority Processed in Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC 2018, and NIK.

Patrick, this could be cloud iridescence or a sun dog. Given the brightness, shape and color, I think it’s a sun dog. (The sun would be at the same height, but off to the right.) There’s a great “atmospheric optics” site here that describes and shows images of the wide variety of optical phenomena that can appear in the sky. This view is quite colorful, but not realistic, especially in how dark the blue sky is.

I’m sure Mark’s assessment about the phenomenon is accurate.

For me the colors are so saturated, they no longer feel natural. That indigo deep blue sky is particularly troubling.

Yes it’s a Sundog. I agree, the colors are a bit much for a standard image, but for photoart the image is striking.

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Ed, thank you for your observation that this image was not an accurate representation of a sun dog, but a conversation to photo art. The colors of the dog and the background sky were oversaturated and the sky was taken to a very dark color using the black slider in Lightroom. I processed it this way because it was interesting rather than an image for an astronomy text book.

Many thanks for taking the time to comment.

Patrick, the conversion to photoart does not mean it is a bad image. I, frankly, like it a lot.

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Patrick: No matter where its posted this is a striking image. Marvelous capture and presentation of a unique moment.>=))>.

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Bill, thank you so much for your feedback. Your perspective is quite generous. I have to confess I have not returned to post on NPN because I could not figure how it fit for me. While I learned a lot in the past From comments from people like you, I am finding it difficult to get perspective about my images since we have to be specific about the feedback we want. Since I don’t know what I don’t know, the format soliciting random comments gave me a lot of perspective to consider. Out of the camera this image was not what I hoped when I saw it in the sky. Only by processing it as photo art did it capture my imagination. Again, thank you.

VERY cool!
Great to see you venturing into the realm of PA!
Keep them coming!

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