Weekly Challenge #860 (10/14/18 - 10/20/18) On the beach

#860 (10/14/18 - 10/20/18) On the beach - An image where the beach plays a major role.

Mark, a friend of mine was in that old movie, “On The Beach.”…:grin:

Paul, that movie title was likely lurking unconsiously in my mind when I came up with the idea… :smiley:
It now occurs to me that a photo of a rusting military hardware on a beach would fit this theme.

I saw “ On the Beach” in 1959 when I was ten years old. It made elementary school duck & cover drills and Conelrad TV interruptions seem very real. I had neighbors with bomb shelters. Pretty scary stuff for an impressionable 10 year old living in the Washington DC suburbs. Mark & Paul, I think you may be close to my age so you may have had similar experiences.

David, yep in 1959 I was a an old kid at 11 back then.
My reference to Mark about my neighbor being in the movie was based upon all the racing scenes. They were filmed at Riverside Raceway. Actually, RIR, Riverside International Raceway was in the area known now as Moreno Valley where I grew up. Back then it was a sleepy little farm town called Sunnymead.
My next door neighbor was involved with all the support stuff associated with the racing scenes. As a side note I’ll never forget him telling me how they made the cars look like they were going faster back in those days. My best recollection of the old raceway turn #9 was the last major turn if not one of the last turns at the end of the main straight away. Keep in mind RIR was a road course raceway. Anyway, turn #9 was a high embankment turn. So, to make the cars look like they went faster in that turn they placed flatbed trucks and trailers below the backside of the embankment with palm trees on the beds. They would then drive fast in the opposite direction during the filming of the cars in that turn #9.
Life was just a lot of fun back then…:sunglasses:

Yep, I remember “duck and cover” drills. Paul, your description of speeding up the race cars has me chuckling about Hollywood & special effects.