Weekly Challenge - Waterways

My first attempt at a weekly challenge but I luckily had one particular image come to mind immediately for this one.

I shot this one a couple of months ago near Port Stephens, Australia. At the time, there was a lot of media commentary about severe drought affecting all of our state. So it was quite a surprise and even a humbling experience to come across this location I had identified on Google Earth during the previous week being dry and barren, compared to the rather dense geenery there had appeared to be on the aerial imagery.

The colour of the water is from blue-green algae forming, which ironically makes the one source of life in this image also potentially harmful or deadly too.

This was shot on a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and is a single exposure at base ISO and a shutter speed in the 1/320th range.


Sam, this is a great “abstract”. The meandering green river surrounded by the red soil and the scattered trees is very dynamic.

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Sam, welcome to the WC gallery. I had to look up the DJI Phantom 3 Pro to verify I was correct in assuming it was a drone aerial shot and not from an aircraft.
Well done on this interesting perspective and overall placement of the shot taken. I too use GE and TPE programs to plan out my photo adventures as well, albeit at ground level and not aerial…:grin:
btw: not sure where Port Stevens is located but I worked with a photog from Australia a couple years ago on the Velvia 50 shrinking world wide market taking place with 4x5 and 8x10 sheet films. Thankfully they’re still available directly from Japan. His name was Stef Dunn. Sadly I lost contact sometime back now.

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I really like these kind of overhead shots. You used to have to get them from an airplane but now there is a whole new category of landscape photography due to drones. Nicely capture with excellent color and nice detail, Sam!

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This is an impressive abstract image with striking color, form, texture. I really like your composition.

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Thanks for the kind words folks.

@Paul_Breitkreuz Can’t say I know Stef unfortuantely!

@Gary_Minish couldn’t agree more - I love hunting down new and interesting areas with my drone!