West Quoddy Light, Lubec Maine

West Quoddy Light in Lubec Maine

Specific Feedback Requested

Foreground nits ?
Sky processing ?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Nikon D6, 14 -24 mm lens
9 vertical images stitched seamlessly in LR
each 15 secs at F 2.8 and ISO 3200


This is really wonderful Karl. I love the composition, it is so nicely balanced. I’m surprised you had any clear nights in Lubec given how much rain we have had during this months new moon period. I also love your processing of the keepers house, just the right level of exposure, and you just gotta love the lights in the windows too.

I think the brightenss of the spruce trees on both sides is bright enough to slightly distract from all the goodness in the center of the image, so I would burn them down. While this is subjective, I think the sky could be improved by a bit more contrast, dodging the lighter tones in the core, and darkening the darker tones in the sky underneath the arc of the Milky Way. I think darkening that area would place more emphasis on the lighthouse beams . I would also suggest increasing blue saturation to better balance it with the green saturation. My stab at a rework

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Karl, you have no color space profile embedded in your jpeg, so on my Adobe RGB monitor the colors look a bit over-saturated. You should embed color profiles on the images you post to ensure more people see the right colors.

Typically these are in sRGB

I had a lot of uploading issues this time. I have sent you a large file - lets see what you come up with Ed - thanks

I missed this one earlier – Wonderful capture!

The file being in sRGB isn’t enough for many browsers. The profile needs to be embedded. If you export from LR and set sRGB, it will automatically be embedded.

If you export from PS with the Quick JPEG thing, it won’t be and there is no way to add it.

Thanks @Diane_Miller - I am looking more for an opinion rather than a redo on this one - I simply export from LR as a sRGB 1400 x 1050 and post on NPN or my own website for the most part

LR should be embedding the profiles – you can check by opening your JPEG in PS. The forum is working on some recent bugs and I’m unable to download this to check, but I’m sure @Ed_McGuirk would be right about the missing profile.

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