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This scene was brought about by extreme weather conditions. The wind was constantly gusting above 20mph during a winter sunrise. Obviously this large rock formation was not phased by any winds.
For me the scene gave a bit of a Nordic Warrior look wearing a battle type headgear.

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Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 37mm lens - Velvia 50

I can definitely see that. Good one.

Not sure I’d want to meet this thing in the wilds! It looks very grumpy and very much like the model for a Starwars character.

Or. . . .because I see a turban on his head and a beard, reminds me a wise man from biblical days. . . maybe?? Either way, Paul, nicely seen!

You’re right, Paul

This really does have that Nordic Warrior look, the warrior appears to have already been through the roughest of battles and is eager to tell the story about facing oncoming catapulted fire balls, clanging swords all around, describing contortionist moves to avoid beheading while simultaneously thrusting his mighty sword through the heart of his opponent and, all while beating his chest and belching out a thunderous victory roar that can be felt deep in the soul of even the most fervent listener!!

Oh, and it looks like there’s another warrior to his right :slight_smile:

Beautifully done! I like it! :slight_smile:

@Harley_Goldman @Mark_Seaver @linda_mellor @Merv …thank you all for your reviews and comments on this scene… :sunglasses:
This truly was not a planned opportunity at all. My brother and I were headed into a remote area of JTNP off the Geology Tour Road and the weather was miserable. During the winter I’ve seen many 30 degree and lower temps at the park and with the wind, well you get the idea… :upside_down_face:
As a result with the torture level going up and the wind the primary cause I knew any scenes with vegetation was off the table with slow Velvia 50 film… :thinking:
Anyway, thankfully the rock formations do not move during high winds, at least none that I’ve ever witnessed. Earthquake tumbling rocks are another thing… :skull_and_crossbones:


Hi Paul, well this is a striking image even without the Nordic touch. Love the different hues and varied planes in this formation, and the slightly cloudy sky sets it off nicely without stealing the show. That’s a pretty good beard he’s got going!

@Jim_Lockhart thank you for the review and comments on this image… :+1: