What's going on down there?

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The robin is a daily visitor and is probably nesting nearby. The bird is curious and not shy, it is fun to capture a few poses. Not a spectacular image, not a rare bird, but one of the simple joys in life to watch these garden birds every day. The insect, not eaten immediately, suggests that there is offspring to feed.

Specific Feedback

I like the pose, but the image is a bit messy (not unlike the garden). Too many plants for your liking? What about the crop?

Technical Details

Pentax K3 Mk. III, Pentax 150-450 @450mm, f/6.3, 1/500s, ISO800, hand held.
I toned down a few highlights in the vegetation, that I considered distracting.

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Very cute, Han. The pose is just wonderful and I really like the old wall as a “perch”. The insect destined for hungry youngsters is a nice touch. I’d be tempted to try to do something about those two out of focus blades of grass, but the upper one looks like it might be

Thank you @Dennis_Plank for your comment. I agree about the blades of grass, the image can do without them. I might try to eliminate the grasses and see if the result is good enough.

I agree about robins even though the ones we have here are totally different. They are amusing, engaging and ever-present it seems. I like the slice of life approach here - just a robin going about its day, living close to people and doing just fine. We have several pairs in the yard hear, too, and I can’t resist them either. I don’t mind the large blades of grass OOF on the left as they point to the bird. The heavy ones to the right could be cloned, but it’s not critical. You are right about the joys of springtime bird activity.

Thanks @Kris_Smith for your comment. The robins you are referring to are probably the american robins, a member of the thrush family. I’ve seen them often in the USA and Canada. Very different indeed, and similar in behaviour to the blackbirds and song thrushes I can watch here.
The blackbirds were almost erased by a disease a few years ago but are returning now. Fortunately, because I need them to keep the snails under control :wink:

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I like the simple joy of this image Han. The robin has a great look, and the food for the chicks later is nice. The star of this is the old rock wall perch. It is an inviting pleasant everyday scene that I would enjoy seeing and being in.

Thanks @Ed_Williams for your comment. Glad you like it.