Which Way? The Right Way



An Indian Fritillary perches on a day-lily. None of our butterflies feed on this plant, but this male likes to survey his surroundings from the best perch.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Does anyone find it too much to have two attractive subjects vying for attention?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

D500 + 105mm macro 1/200 f16 ISO 400

Removed buds (of another day-lily) from the right in PS - I also dialed back the saturation a bit.


Yes, they are competing, but I don’t mind since the result is very nice. I like the angle on the butterfly - we can see a near profile for maximum wing, but also both antennae quite clearly. You could isolate the flower and pull the saturation down slightly, but it’s so lively the way it is you could just leave it.

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I think the two subjects coexist nicely. It is nature after all. I think this is a great catch, Mike.

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For me at least, Mike, they compliment each other. It is wonderful how the butterfly reflects the same soft peach color also found in the lily.

Oh, this is really nice, Mike. I think they complement each other quite well. How nice of him to pose for you. The BG is nice and smooth too.

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A very nice comp with the color of the BG being fairly unique for this type of scene. The blue green tones bring out the oranges in the subjects. Overall, I think it works and am glad that the entire flower was left intact in the scene. Awesome…Jim

This is a beautiful image! I don’t think the competition is too much at all. The comp is very good and the DOF and detail are excellent. So is the background. Well done!

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Very nice image Mike. I think the composition is fine with the butterfly complimenting the flower as a perch. Details on the butterfly are spot on and I like the colors. Well done.

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I really like it a lot! Love the pose of the butterfly. Him being on the edge like that you can tell like you said that he is surveying the surroundings. Kind of like he’s on his front porch! I love his matching colors with the flower and the contrasting background color really makes the subjects stand out. Great capture, Mike!

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Thanks, @Jim_Zablotny . The BG is the living-room window, which has glass tinted that colour.

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That’s an advantage @linda_mellor of catching a butterfly on a bright sunny day - on a bright flower!

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Mike: Hard to not like this combo. The butterfly immediately caught my attention even though it is considerably smaller than the flower. I think it’s because of its position in the frame and the greater complexity of its coloring. I almost wish the BG was more interesting although I do like the color of it. Reminds me of a studio shot but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nicely done. >=))>

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Mike the two bright “subjects” fit well together here and stand out especially well against the bluish background. Your comp. works very well also.