Variegated Fritillary

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r at f 8, 1/2500 sec. and iso 1000

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Wayne, I am enjoying the flowers and the BF against that nice black BG. Love the position of the BF. The colors of the flowers and the BF are complementary to each other. If we could have everything the way we want it in photography, I would for the wing closest to us to be nice and sharp, but we don’t get everything we want, so I am enjoying it the way it is. Everything that needed to be sharp is spot on. You might could even crop a tiny bit off of the top, but I wouldn’t do much since that is the direction the BF is facing, so you want room for him to move. Nice presentation.

Thanks Shirley, a short focus stack would have brought the butterfly’s front wing in focus but they don’t hang around too much. It is not an impossibility though, just patience.

Wayne, I haven’t tried focus stacking, so maybe someone who has can chime in, but I would think that would be difficult to do considering they move their wings, even if they stay still otherwise.

I like this image a lot, especially the color coordination for the flower and the fritillary.

Hi Wayne, my thoughts pretty much align with Shirley’s. Oftentimes these guys never stay still. A nice capture nevertheless.

Shirley, I’ve found that a fast shutter speed and tripod is necessary for focus stacking shots for erratic critters such as butterflies . Advance focus from slight under focus to focus and then slight out of focus for a total of about five shots for the butterfly. I don’t think using a macro focus “slider” will work though. Not enough time. Pure luck if the critter hangs around for even five focus stack shots.

Thanks Ola and Allen, I was concerned with this shot that the butterfly might blend in too well with the flowers.

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Wayne, the Fritillary and Butterfly Milkweed flowers match very well. Everything stands out with the black background.

Wayne: Great shot of this fritillary. Stacking might work if the butterfly was frozen but fast frame rates and careful focus are the only things that make this kind of shot possible. I like the wing position and that you have really good focus on the flowers and the butterfly’s head. Very well done. >=))>

Thanks Bill for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it very much.