White-crowned Sparrow and Re-post

A fairly ubiquitous bird in Oregon and one that seems to allow a fairly close look. I like the singing pose. Are the spikes at the end of the perch a distraction?

Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Any pertinent technical details: Canon 7d Mark II; Sigma 150-600 at 302 mm. 1/1000 at f5.6. ISO 200

Hi Allen
I like the open beak and the stick that bring you eye out to the Sparrow, but I think the back-ground is to bright.

Great singing pose, Allen. The spikes do draw my eye quite a bit-I think largely because they are so close to being invisible. I think you can get away with removing them without making it look chopped off.

Sweet shot.

Hi Allen: The singing pose with this guy is really nice. The large version really shows off the sparrow. Tack sharp and well exposed.

To your question… Yes those little spikes on the end of the perch do seem to really grab my attention. The other thing that grabs it is near the top right of the perch on the upper side, there’s a chunk that is pure white. I don’t know what it is, or if it is some cloning artifact, but it does grab my attention as well.

Hi Keith,

Thanks for commenting. I’m not sure what the white area is, but it is present on the original shot out of the camera. I didn’t notice it until your comment and will work to remove it. Thanks.

Hi Allen,

The BG is fairly and the odd white area looks like some type of in camera adjustment to the sky was done during image acquisition. Was this a RAW or JPEG file? I like the sparrow and the perch is OK too. You could clone out the spikey things, but I’d leave them…………………Jim

Thanks for the comments. Jim, the original was a RAW file. Here’s a repost with a slightly darker background and some changes to the perch and a tighter crop.

I do like the pose and the open beak here. I do wish the background was a little darker to delineate the area between the white plumage in the sky. This could probably be done with an adjustment layer on the background or even replacing the background if that is acceptable in this gallery. I actually find the spot adjacent to the tail feathers to be a little more distracting than the spikes at the end of the perch. When I look at the image, I really don’t see the spikes. I’m okay either way. The dark OOF spot next to the tail could probably be blended in easily.

Much better in the repost.

I like the repost a lot, Allen. Well done.