White Pelican coming in for a landing

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I would like any feedback you would be willing to give! Shot with Nikon d5550, Aperture priority f5.6, 1/3200 300mm

Any artistic feedback is also appreciated.

I did crop image! But have done very little postprocessing.

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Hi Barbara
I love Pelicans, just seeing one bring me to a summer beach. I like the landing and water droplets. The only thing I would add is to drop the shutter speed in half,and that would bring the f stop up and increase your dept of field.
Nice work.

Thank you for your response!! I appreciate any and all feedback!

Nice landing pose. Seems nice and sharp. I don’t see any reason for more depth of field. While you didn’t need as fast a shutter speed as you had , there was no harm in using it.

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Detail and exposure look good, Barbara. I really like the landing pose and the splash. Your crop works well. A fine image.

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You caught the landing just right with the water splashes and wing position. Nice shot.

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Nice shot. The whites look good and not over exposed. There looks to be some detail in the blacks and water looks fine. So exposure looks right on. Composition is also nice. Good for you.