Widow Skimmer

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I took about 300 shots of a male widow skimmer down at the Duck Pond with temps approaching 100 degrees F. Canadian smoke has dissipated so on went the flash and with much tweaking, I was able to position the flash horizontally over the lens hood of the 200mm f4. The BG is the surface of the pond and I positioned the camera quite low to get a lateral of the dragonfly.

Technical Details

Z9 200mm f4 Micro (1/320 sec at f25, ISO 800, fill flash set at -2.0ev) Manual focus hand held, Topaz DeNoise AI, Levels, Shadows & Highlights, Curve adjustment for Contrast, Full Frame…Jim

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Very nice, Jim. You are braver than me getting out there at 100 degrees F. I went out this morning and walked, then got my camera and chased a few DF’s but they weren’t be cooperative.

I like this shot. That BG is so smooth, and you captured nice details in the DF from head to tail. Very nice.

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100??!! Yech, no thanks, but I like what you were able to do before you passed out. :laughing: Terrific angle on this and the light was reasonably cooperative so you could use the flash to good effect. The background color is so darn cool - kind of a gray green that isn’t seen often. Nice!

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Really nice job here. Nice exposure, the plane of focus perfectly aligned with the DF body, and a nice pose. Ultra-clean background with a color that complements the rest. Can’t think of a thing to change :nerd_face:

Really wish I could get shots like these in the middle of the day but local dragonflies seem too active for my taste (or perhaps patience) to capture unless it is evening or morning.

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Jim: A wonderful subject superbly captured and presented. Marvelous result. >=))>

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Superb sharpness and detail, with a wonderful BG! Incredible how well the hairs show! I would have thought f/25 would give too much diffraction softening. Is that something that has improved with the new lenses and sensors?

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