Winter Sunrise

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This is a picture I made about two weeks ago at sunrise. It was our first snowfall of the season and was really beautiful to see. It was such a wonderful morning to be out shooting and I sure enjoyed this first snow. I made the picture at Smith Lake just a couple of miles from my house.
Any thoughts welcome.
Canon 5DMK4, 24-105L @ 105mm, ISO 100, F/11, 1/15 sec. no filters.

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Pretty scene and it looks cold. A fine entree into winter.

Looks cold. We’re basking in 70 degree weather here in Northern CA. Nice detail and color. You might consider a very slight CCW rotation. Nicely done, Nick.

Nick, if you got this 2 weeks ago, then you must be in for a rough winter :grinning:

I love the Fire and Ice aspect to this image, the cool/warm contrast makes for a very compelling combination. I think your processing of the whites in the snow looks good, slightly cool and very natural looking. I agree with @Preston_Birdwell about the CCW rotation, although it may be an optical illusion, the right side looks tilted, but the left does not.

I might also suggest trying to feather the luminosity gradient a little more near the top of the trees, the transition as pressented is somewhat abrupt, and i think it could be smoothed out a little.

This is a lovely image, Nick! I like the contrast between the snow and the warm light. The reflection is wondrous!

Sweet. My only suggestion would be to agree about the rotation.

Harley, Preston, Ed, Brian, and Michael, Thanks so much guys for your comments and suggestion. Appreciate the help!