Winter woods sunset

A quiet winter sunset looking along Maryland’s smaller river, the Hawlings, This is a two exposure composite to hold details in the foliage along with the sky color.


A very nice, winter scene, Mark. Love the colors in the reflections.

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Looks like one of those quiet yet very peaceful and wholesome evening, Mark. My only critique is the bright sky reflection on the lower left corner.

This captures that feeling as the day fades to night rather well Mark. The pinkish-orange is a pretty reflection. It’s hard to hold detail in those darker areas, so nice job with blending.

I like the end of day mood in this image Mark. This kind of light and color can be difficult to capture, but you have pulled it off here, the colors in the water are wonderful. My only nit is similar to @Adhika_Lie comment, the brighter light in the LLC, and bottom center of the image pulls my eye away from the center of the image. I would either add some burning in these areas, and/or a slight crop from the bottom.

This is quite nice and I love the calm, tranquil mood to the image. No nits here. Very well done.

Beautiful, Mark. Wonderful, restrained color. Processing looks good - great job on the blend.

Sweet! Nice look and effect

The color and mood are wonderful Mark. No nits from me.

Mark, This is wonderful. I absolutely love the quite mood. The reflections in the water are beautiful and the color is great. I like this a lot as is.

Sorry I missed this one, Mark. This has a lovely end of day feel to it as we can relax and unwind from the everyday hustle of life. Great job with the blend as everything looks very natural. I love the warm glow in the water.