Winter Worthington

Ok, so you want snow? Here is a LOT of snow! This is another Worthington Glacier View except with much more snow and a panoramic view (plus a closer look at the glacier). This was taken quite a few years ago and was stitched from 3 rows of 10 vertical format photos from a 5 megapixel camera (Sony DSC-F707). The original image is pretty large and the 30 photos were zoomed in considerably so there is quite a bit of detail. This version is downsized to 4K so you can’t see everything but if you click on it twice and look closely you should be able to find a helicopter, an office trailer and a cross country skier. There’s also two snow machiners off their machines and taking a break but they’re hard to recognize in this size image.

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Here’s a couple crops out of the original image.

This one is showing the helicopter & part of the office trailer.

In this one you should be able to find the cross country skier.

For comparison and a much better view of the glacier, here is the summer version (also a 30 image stitch) take from the same location:

Holy smokes, that’s a lot of detail! I got a kick out of the ski trails (?) on the slope of the mountain. Do people climb it and then ski back down? I know they do that a lot with St. Helens down here.

I really appreciate the summer image too. It is a fascinating comparison.

Beautiful winter snow Gary, and fun to see in that detail!

John; the tracks are actually snow machine tracks. If you follow them down to the base of the mountain you might find the two people standing by their machines. The snow completely covers all the brush that you see in the summer version and turns the whole area in a huge winter playground for all kinds of sports. One of the popular activities is snow machines pulling downhill skiers up to the tops of the mountains so that they can ski down. It’s much cheaper and faster than a lift plus the trip up can be as exciting as the trip down!

Gary, the overall smoothness of the foreground snow really stands out. I like the set of tracks (I’m guessing otter) centered at the bottom. This is a lovely winter scene. I found the helicopter and the two snow machine people, but not the skier. The snowmobile tracks are interesting, also.

Aside from all that incredible detail, Gary, I really like the composition of this image. Very well done.