Wonder of Worthington

This is Worthington Glacier, about 30 miles from Valdez, Alaska. It’s really just one mountain but it happens to have a large glacier in the middle of it. It’s a pretty old image, shot in 2007. The glacier is much smaller now. I’ve posted this before but I thought it would be a good fit for this challenge. My biggest problem with this particular challenge is figuring out which to post out of about 50 photos that match the theme! Living in a town completely surrounded by mountains makes for a lot of appropriate images :wink:

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated.

Technical Details

This is a pretty large stitched panorama. It was shot with a Sony DSC-F707, 5 mpixel fixed lens camera. I set up a tripod and shot 3 rows of 10 vertical photos (30 photos). It was stitched using AutoPano Pro, which at that time didn’t retain the EXIF data and I don’t remember the settings.


What a colorful photo, Gary. I love that all the blues and greens are very natural looking and not over saturated. The water leads you right into that beautiful mountain in the BG. I know this is a stitched panorama and it is very well done, but I’m only drawn to the peak above the water. I think the other peak could be cropped out and it would tighten in the scene. I really hesitated to say this because this means that some of your work to get this Pano would be cropped out. Let’s see what others think. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, I think this is a wonderful shot and the processing is very good.

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Wow, Gary, aren’t you the lucky one to live in an area with so many mountains?! The image you selected is gorgeous. Your hard work in creating this pano paid off as far as I’m concerned. I hope you have this image on a wall. I like the soft clouds and the fact they do not steal the beauty of the mountains and glaciers. The diagonal direction of those clouds adds a lot to the panoramic nature of the image. The uniform foreground is a good anchor, except for the brown rocks on the LRC. I don’t know if cropping or cloning that area would enhance the image. The photo is very strong and striking with the glacier surrounded by majestic mountains. In my eyes, the image strength is more intense on the right side. On the left-hand side, the bright area is not adding to the beauty of the photo. I would try cropping that area including that sandbar on the LLC. Since we do not see the entire mountain range on the right side, I think such cropping on the left would not be detrimental. I don’t get tired of looking at such beauty nature gives us in the image you captured. Fantastic work!

Egidio, I think you’re right about a left crop to take that small sandbar out. I do like the clouds on that L side though, but you are right that they’re not adding much to the photo. I really like being able to hear more experience photographer’s perspectives on photos because I learn so much. I’m trying to force myself to make critiques that are helpful rather than always saying what I like about an image. Critiquing is way out of my comfort zone. I have trouble critiquing my own images much less others.

Gary, this is a beautiful image as is.

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Well composed with excellent color and nice leading lines. You are very fortunate to live where you do have access to this Alaskan beauty.