Wonder of Worthington

Worthington Glacier, near Valdez, Alaska in Summer of 2006. It is stitched from two rows of 8 vertical photos (16 photos total) Unfortunately this view will never be seen like this again as there is now a row of huge 3-legged steel power poles & lines going right down the center of this viewpoint :angry:. In addition, the glacier is significantly smaller than this now :disappointed_relieved:.

Even at this size you don’t get to see the real level of detail. I have a DuraPlaq print of this in my office, at work, that is 5 ft. long and you can see veins in the rocks in the stream bed and individual flowers on the fireweed plants in the middle.

To get the best possible view, please open your browser full screen before you click for the large version. To see even more detail, click on it again after the large version opens.

Looks great, Gary. Even on my laptop, the details are noticeable. The mix of clouds in the sky is terrific.

Gary, a very detailed look at this wonderful site. Brings back fond memories of my years in AK…:sunglasses:
Not sure I’d be up to the task of stitching this amount of images together. My files get HUGE with my MF gear. Even with only stitching 2 images I get 10k pixels long side and 900meg…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sorry to hear about the change to this wonderful site with the power poles and lines. I kind of wonder how many images like this and a zillion others that will make it into the future as a bit of history and untold stories for future generations to ponder over…:thinking: