Winter's Waters & rework



Rework based on feedback from Sarah and Kevin. But I don’t think it looks like winter anymore! So might have to change the title! :smile:

This is just a little ditch stream that I like to stop by and check out the reflections when I’m riding by it. I like the squarish ripples in it. I have posted it before but would just like your feedback on it, Sarah. Thank you!

Specific Feedback Requested

First off, thank you, so much, for taking the time to give your feedback. I really love your work, it’s very inspiring! My question
Is it truly abstract or more just a small scene. Please any other feedback is greatly appreciated!

Technical Details

Nikon D3400, 232m, f5, 1/60, ISO 200
adjusted contrast, brightness, saturation and highlights.


I really like this Vanessa; such intriguing shapes. It makes me think of some tapestry designs that can be created using multiple heddle looms. It’s a matter of taste, but for me using Dehaze to increase the contrast, and then boosting the vibrancy of the greens might make this strong image even stronger. It’s like a beautiful song that wants to sing a bit more forte. :grinning:

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Hi Vanessa – First, thank you so much for your kind comment about my work. I appreciate that a lot! Now to your photo… Yes, I consider this an abstract. If you showed this photo to a family member or friend, they probably would not have any idea what they are viewing. I don’t think photographers are the best people to ask about what is or is not an abstract because we have more familiarity with these subjects. You are lucky to have this little ditch by you since it looks like it creates fun photo opportunities.

Overall, I think it works well and I agree that I really like the little squarish ripples. I tried flipping the photo and think I like this orientation a bit better. In your presentation, I thought the right lower side felt a little heavy but it feels better to me with this orientation. I also think the magenta cast looks a little unnatural. Maybe you have more information about where those colors came from but it looks to me like it could have been introduced in processing. I brightened the photo a bit and desaturated some of the magentas and blues (I do not mind the blues but my rough adjustments affected both indiscriminately) for a slightly different presentation. I could see brightening it even more, especially along the edges. Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for your feedback and kind words @Kevin_Sink I really appreciate it. I’ll have to try bringing out the greens more. Actually my original was even darker but looking at it I agree it could be even lighter! I brightened it and added more saturation. Let me know what you think! Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions @Sarah_Marino ! I like what you did to brighten it up! And I see what you mean about flipping it. My original was pretty dark and I had already gotten feedback to give it more contrast. It’s weird but looking back at the original I do even see that magenta you talk about. I don’t do much processing so I don’t know if it’s the water combined with the sky or what? …. So I brightened it more added more contrast and saturation for the greens I’m interested to see what you think and if it’s improved! Thanks!

This is so pretty, Vanessa! I love the colors and shapes here.

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Thanks so much, @Martha_Montiel ! Glad you like it!

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