Yellow-crowned night-heron with meal

Watched this heron catch three crayfish within 15 minutes. He’s not starving!

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Exposure time: 1/1000 s
F number: 5.6
Exposure program: Manual
ISO speed rating: 1600

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Great grab. That direct stare! Such beautiful eyes. Do they normally hunt at dawn or dusk? Or fully night? Judging by the size of the eyes I’m thinking dim or dark would be their preferred time. I’m glad you had the time and patience with this beautiful bird. Overall the sharpness looks dead on, but the color cast seems a bit green to me. Looks like there was a lot of vegetation in your way and good job dealing with it.

Excellent detail and exposure, Eddie, and I love the pose you caught. Not at all typical and very effective. I’m not seeing a color cast except where out of focus foreground vegetation is intervening and that’s to be expected. I love the eyes.

Superb eye contact and food capture. Detail is right on. I don’t see a cast that concerns me. I might try to decrease the whites a tad to bring out more detail in the head.

HI Edward
The Night-Heron, pop right out of the frame, because of it’s soft for-ground and back-ground. This eyes just grab the viewer. Nice work.