Yellow Warbler

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Background too busy? Does it seem oversaturated-I’ve been experimenting with LAB in PS.

Any pertinent technical details:

Canon 7D; 100-400 at 370mm; 1/500 at f6.3; ISO 200.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Allen, the BG is natural because it’s as found. Don’t know about saturation, maybe others can answer as I’m not familiar with the species. I would consider a slight crop from top as an option. You got a really nice pose here.

Hi Allen.

Nice pose of the yellow warbler.

Saturation: yes definitely over saturated. The green pine needles above and to the right really show it. The warbler is also over, but doesn’t show it as bad.

Hi Keith, Here’s the image before I made the changes in the original post. To me this one seems a bit dull, while the one I first posted, at least to me, seems to have more a sense of light shining through the trees, than over saturation. But, perhaps that’s why I have issues with some of my images.

Hi Allen:

I think the second image you posted is much more natural. The colors are still vibrant, but not over the top . If you look at the yellows in the original, you’ve also lost detail in the plumage from brightening and over saturating. I don’t know what tools you are using to adjust the images, but a common problem is if you are using LR to increase brightness, it doesn’t understand the concept of a luminosity blending mode. Some colors are very sensitive to being brightened and ALSO causing a color shift and/or saturation shift. Doing the same adjustment in Photoshop on a layer with the luminosity blending mode solves that problem. I took the second posting into Photoshop with a goal to make the warbler a tiny bit brighter as that seems to be what you were after. (I don’t think it needs it, but just because that was your goal). I added a levels adjustment via mask to the warbler to increase the brightness via highlights/midtones. I then added a similar adjustment to the green pine needles but also desaturated them just a bit. I then did a tiny bit of selective sharpening on the bird to get more plumage detail. Here’s the result. The changes are not huge, but they are there.

I can see your dilemma with this image after looking at the original photo. I also find that light room has a tendency to over saturate with brightness and contrast adjustments. I think Keith’s approach in this case is a happy medium. I’m impressed that you were able to get so close.

Thanks for your help, Keith. Your changes look good and is what I was striving for. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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