Yosemite in November?

Anyone interested in a meet up in Yosemite in November? It’s an annual ritual for me and I’m often accompanied with good friends. Camping is the preferred (and cheapest…) lodging, but there are of course other options.

Thought I would open this up now because reservations can be a limiting factor. Right now, and I’m very surprised at this, there are numerous campsites available in the Upper Pines campground. If you wish to make a camp site reservation, do so through Recreation.gov. It’s $26/night.

I’ll be there Sunday, Nov 3rd, leaving Wed the 6th. My campsite is #211 on the last loop of the campground. Highly recommend the outer side of the loop and the last loop has nothing but forest behind you.

If anyone adventurous enough to travel from outside the area I can certainly help with recommendations on getting to and from, as well as recommending lodging inside or outside the park.

Would love to meet some of the California NPN members and any other member wanting to join.

Let me know if there’s any interest. But again if you’re interested, definitely think about making lodging reservations soon.

Hope to see some of you! And for a little teaser, this was my campsite last year…

ps. don’t let the image fool you too much. Behind me are 230+ campsites, lots of people, big RVs, generators, etc. etc. But this time of year considerably quieter than say July…

Darn it. We’ll be through there a couple of weeks ahead of you, but in CO by early November. Great idea for a gathering. Water levels in the falls may be down, but there’s so much more to offer- Especially in reduced visitor numbers!

What a great idea! I’ll be there. I’d love to hang out with you and others who may show up. I gave up camping for my 65th birthday so I just booked a room with two double beds at the Yosemite Lodge. I’d be happy to share the room and expenses with another NPN member, as long as you are not an ax murderer. Also, I’ll be driving from the Bay Area (San Francisco to be exact) and would also love to car share. If interested drop me an email. I believe if you click on my avatar you can get my contact info.

Awesome @Tony_Siciliano. I’ll look forward to meeting you and anyone else who would like to join! I hear ya on the camping thing. I’m pushing 60 and on the border - not sure I’ll make it to 65 before I give up sleeping on the ground - although I did upgrade to a nice twin air mattress which makes it a little more comfortable… :wink:

Too bad we’ll miss you @Hank_Pennington. Are you actually swinging by Yosemite on your way? Have a great trip!

We’ve had a travel trailer stored in Bakersfield the last 3 years and plan to move it to our place in CO for use in November and further storage. But it has suffered the transgressions of Bakersfield heat and neglect, requiring a certain amount of restoration beforehand in October.

Current plans are to travel in the area, including Yosemite, while waiting for the work to be done. My wife is close to cousins at Bass Lake who want a visit, so the hop and the skip and the jump all point to a Yosemite visit somewhere in the time span. A little early for our 50th wedding anniversary late in November, but early celebration might include a stay at the lodge, too. Yay!


Well, not sure if anyone is following this thread, but I thought I would post a quick note. Not much interest and as it turns out I’m not going to be able to make it either.

HOWEVER, and I will post else where, I have a reserved campsite in Upper Pines starting 11/3 for 3 nights that I have not cancelled yet. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Now it’s not possible to give you the site or transfer to your name. But we can try and time it so that the moment I cancel the site that someone else can be standing by to reserve it. This is Yosemite and sites get gobbled up pretty quickly.

Please let me know if you’re interested in trying to reserve site 211 in Upper Pines campground, Yosemite, Nov 3-6.

Happy Autumn!

Sorry to have missed it- I just joined NPN and would have liked to meet other folks. I just live down in Fresno, so Yosemite is a quick jaunt for me and I head to the valley with some regularity, or else I’d consider trying for your campsite. Hope to meet you another time!