Zen Garden

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This scene is in the center of my prior post, taken about an hour after it was. Clouds were moving through and spots of sun were spilling in at an angle, helping to emphasize the textures.

Specific Feedback

Any and all feedback welcome.

Technical Details

NIKKOR Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 VR at 170.0 mm
1/400 sec. at f/10.0 and ISO 64


John, I appreciate your dynamic composition with the elegant curves. Your way of grouping the trees with larger and a small elements each works very well for me.

This is quite beautiful John! The lighting is excellent. I love the textures and your comp. The colors in this work well. It looks like it was plenty cold! :wink:

I really like this John. The warms and cools are really nice and support the composition. The textures are really nice and add a great deal of interest. Well done!

Wonderful in every way!!! All said above. And as a bonus, the top half would be outstanding for Abstract Nature!

Nicely done, John.

Beautiful, John. I love how you ended up with two tiny trees poking up from the snow behind each of the taller trees - like you planned it, ha ha! Love how the light brings out the texture of the snow, too. Well done.

John, the textures and lighting here are spectacular. The juxtaposition of the 4 treed areas against the rising slope behind works very well also.

Love this so much! The textures are mesmerizing. The composition keeps me staring. It could be my screen settings, but it does seem to me that the center of the image is just a little bright. My eye gets pulled there, but there’s not much to see. I’m losing some detail there, but that could be a resolution issue too.

Thanks Brenda! I wasn’t able to join the AMA, but really enjoyed exploring your website. You have an impressive variety!

Thank you Paul! I’ve knocked down the contrast of that area quite a bit, the knowledge of which often blinds me to the fact that it still may not be enough. I’ll play with your suggestion and take it down a bit more. Thanks for your insight.

Thank you for your feedback @Peter_Richter, @Steve_Kennedy, @Bill_Lathrop, @Don_Peters, and @Mark_Seaver!

Thanks Diane! I appreciate the thought on the abstract, and I have an image or two of those snow contours that I hope to find the time to be able to post in Abstract.

I knew right away this was yours John. Love the abstract qualities and simplicity.

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Thank you for the website visit, John!

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I love the lines and texture and overall flow If it were mine (I wish it were) I would try it as black & white. The minimalist simplicity looks like it would work better without any color.

Thank you @ed15 , I’ll play with that!