2 16 2023 Spring Snack

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I like this photo b/c of the clarity. I happened to be driving by a field when I was looking for sandhill cranes and saw something swoop down into the grass. I rolled down my window and up came this guy with a little meal. It was a happy surprise.

Technical Details



Wow, nice catch Judi, I’m enjoying the sharpness too. I’ve always believed kestrels are the handsomest of all the falcons but have never had the opportunity to photograph one. BG is pleasantly blurred with no distracting highlights or colors. I’m guessing that hapless creature is a grey squirrel; probably never knew what hit him.

Judi: What a beautiful bird on a great perch and with a marvelous BG. Fantastic capture of a magic moment. >=))>

Wonderful catch!! Kestrels are so camera-shy. You caught a great pose and moment.

There is a strange softness to the edges of the post – maybe a bad selection. Some small-brush cloning could fix it. I love the soft BG but there are some odd grainy areas. My favorite tool in both LR and PS is the 100% view!

You don’t give your processing or the histogram of the original raw file but I think this one should have the IQ to pull up the shadows a little more. (I could go even further than I have here.) Rely on the histogram – it’s an exposure meter on steroids. (And doubly so if you have one in the viewfinder!)

Thank you so much for your critique and ideas to improve the image, I appreciate the help and may work on it after the holidays. Such a busy time! It was quite the surprise to capture it. I will make note to go back and work on using programs a little better. Thanks again!

Thank you Jim. We are lucky that we have some of these little kestrels around. They are so colorful, especially in the spring. I love them. The little creature is a vole or a small field mouse. Our squirrels are very much bigger. Thank you again, I appreciate your kind words.

Thank you Bill! Appreciate your kind words.

Thank you Bill!