2020, Making the Best of it!

What year! I am thankful I have photography as part of my life to keep me sane. I am so looking forward to 2021 especially once we get through the next few months. My New Years’ resolution…be more focused, consistent, and deliberate with my post-processing.

Two photographic bright spots for me were vising Death Valley for the first time and the second was capturing the last photo at the mouth of Monterey Bay, Central California because the conditions were just spectacular. Yes, there are landscape photography opportunities underwater :slightly_smiling_face:

Specific Feedback Requested

Any is always welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No.



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Terrific variety, excellent all around photography, the first one and the mating Peregrines are really nice…

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Beautiful photos, Keith, from a “not so beautiful” year. While the scenic images of Death Valley are beyond great, my favorite is the dock/sunset image. Love the intense colors and the perspective you’ve gotten. Thanks for sharing your year with us.

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Thank you @linda_mellor!

@Dan_Kearl they are actually all related, no variety, they were all shot with the same brand of camera. :rofl:

Seriously, I joined a camera club this year to grow as a photographer or so I thought. For others the camera club works great for them, but not me. I entered two competitions one of which I submitted the mating falcons and it was deemed “meh” by a judge fine art photographer. I then watched a presentation by Cole Thompson and while I am no Cole Thompson, his words rang so true for me. Shoot for yourself…


Fantastic set of images Keith, you turned it into quite the productive year! I’m liking the first one the best, but maybe that’s just because I’m dying to get back there :grin: I hope the ICU situation improves so we can still meet up in January…

David, well of course you like the first one the best, you are partly responsible for that one! I had gone to the other side of Badwater Basin the night before I met you and found no water. When I met up with you the following day, you mentioned to hike out to the opposite side to get the last of puddled water from a quickly drying up rain shower a few days earlier. So congrats to you as well!!!

My fingers are crossed that we will be in DV four weeks from now, but not willing to hold my breath…

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Keith you did great! I am very jealous of the conditions you got in Death Valley on your first trip. I am always a sucker for reflections on Badwater Basin so that’s my favorite.

Wow. Love the Death Valley images, particularly that first one> Just incredible. So is that the far west side of bad water basin so you had to walk all the way across the salt flats or did you drive around on that horrendous road? Just a beautiful image. I love your Alabama hills shot as well. Good luck if you are able to get back out to Death Valley in a few weeks. Can you pack me in your trunk? LOL

Thanks @Brent_Clark, that was very unusal for me, normally I’m the one with the macro set up when the whale swims by.

Thanks @David_Haynes ! The Badwater Basin photo was literally taken near the hoards of other tourists. If you were to park in the parking lot and walk straight out (Westish) with the hoards, then veer to your right (Northish) a hundred yards or so, that seemed to be one of the last spots to hold water before it evaporates. Not sure if this is how it goes every time water collects there but my guess would be yes and that it’s a low spot. I am sure others with more experience there could chime in.

An outstanding annual, Keith. Good and versatile, Really liked the Point in DV sunrise shot showing the “rosy cheeks of dawn” on the ridges across the valley, wonderful presented And the Sierras from the Hills is truly superb. Glad to see them. The falcon shot is a great with a …what are you doing look!? But probably more note or comments could have been better than a "meh ". Great shot but not a winner though. Liked looking at your photos. Good luck in 2020.

Very much appreciated Stephen!

Keith, this is an excellent collection, showcasing some great opportunities. Getting a bobcat in the open is quite a feat. I’m still chuckling about the “pier in the eye” view, was that from a boat or were you swimming?

Thanks Mark! The pier is interesting, there is actually a gap in it at the connection with the shore. I’m standing in just a few inches of water next to the shoreline looking out towards the bay.

An excellent collection of images, with a great variety. I like the underwater image a lot, very delicate colors.

Beautiful images, Keith. I’m really partial to the underwater one.

Thanks Dennis, This was an especially challenging shot at 170 feet deep but the conditions were magical!

@Keith_Flood All of the images are lovely, but I’m partial to the Death Valley ones and especially the first one. The colors are very peaceful and beautiful. It’s such a unique and beautiful place. Before I went there, two older ladies I know kept telling me that it was “just a bunch of rocks”. I think they just thought it would be boring, and I have to laugh whenever I think of it. It’s such a beautiful bunch of rocks! Excellent work.

Yes Karla, I found the same about Death Valley, it is much much more than a bunch of rocks. Just an amazing place! Thank you!

Really nice set of images here Keith! The underwater shot is killer! I’ve always wanted to dabble in that. Fantastic stuff, keep up the great work, can’t wait to see what you do in 2021!

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