A small maelstrom

On a warm sunny afternoon, I spent some time sitting beside a clear splashing stream, enjoying the sounds and the day. Eventually that evolved (devolved??) into some tight views of the water as it splashed over the rocks. This view captures the splashing action both of large blobs and individual drops as well a some color from the rocks on the bottom.

7D2, 100-400 @ 120mm, 1/20s, f/18, iso 100, tripod

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

That’s pretty cool Mark. I really like the trails of the droplets. I might be tempted to crop some of the right side so that it doesn’t compete with the trails. Nice little stream study.

Mark, this is very fun and dynamic! The trails look like fireworks and even have the spectrum of colors represented. The shutter speed is perfect and the white balance looks just right as well. I also have mixed feelings about the right side but tried a few crops and I was not convinced it they were an improvement. Well done!
Hard to beat listening to a stream on a summer day…a nap could evolve (devolve??) quite easily.

Nice idea. It works quite nicely. My only thought is crop off the obvious references to water on the bottom and right sides and let it become an image of pure water brushstrokes.

That’s a great mixture of textures you captured, and the colored background mixes it up nicely. Interesting that some of the streaks are green.

Very enjoyable, Mark! I really enjoy the lower left corner and I really like being able to see the spectrum of the rainbow in the water splash. Very nicely done!!